R.I.P. Veronica Feeling

It seemed to many that Veronica Feeling slowly lost her grip riding across North America over the last few months. The reasons are unclear but, as a close friend and the executor of her will, my guess is she’d simply had enough. Under the terms of her engagment with the world as Motorcycle Adventurer her job was done. The first person to ride across the Gobi Desert on a street bike, the only woman in yellow leather to be arrested in South Korea, the sheer number of near encounters and wild misses…The End became a journey in itself.

If the news hasn’t reached you yet then it is my solemn duty to inform you that Veronica died tragically during a stunt into the Hudson River at Lewdburgh, NY.

I will maintain this website until the necessary arrangements have been made.

Yours in shock,

Alice Klar.

sent 11th October 2015