VIII: Come Right Together Now

17th April, 2014

Bristol, UK

Friends, nomads, doyennes,

You may or may not be aware that my past efforts have been collaborative, involving the lesser-known artist Jude Noon.  Together we have worked well, without rancour and with only minor disputes.  However, effective from today our relationship has taken a different turn; Jude Noon has officially changed her name by Deed Poll, agreeing to “renounce, relinquish and abandon the use of [her] former name” and requiring “all persons at all times to designate, describe and address [her] by the adopted name of VERONICA FEELING”.

She has done this in memory of Kim Fielding whom we both loved.

Rather than dissolving the partnership I feel we have taken it up, down or inside to another level.  In the spirit of Wu Tao-tzu, Jude Noon has quite literally entered me and intends to stay indefinitely (or until the bins need taking out).

Meanwhile the next adventure beckons: PANkino – a motorbike powered audio-visual tour across the Urals to Ulaan Baatar.  I await my freshly minted passport, driver’s licence and organ donor card (2 hearts are better than one) whereupon Visa applications for Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia can begin for a mid-June departure.

I remain, as ever, your humble Feeling.