Smell of Goodbye

sent from the Honky Tonk Roadhouse, Moscow 30.6.14
Now then, I don’t really like perfume, it seems somehow dishonest and I prefer to widen my sin groove with more entertaining transgressions. Despite this (perhaps because of it), from time to time an uninvited hand squirts me with scent so powerful any amount of scrubbing won’t get rid of it. So I endure, occasionally enjoy, the consequences until it wears off with time and change. Old familiars include Whiff of Disappointment, Lonely Cologne, Joy Pong and the frankly terrifying Eau d’Ovulation but there is new air in the aroma canon: Smell of Goodbye.
Years in development have produced a complex, multi-layered fragrance: dominant camphorous Au Revoir is offset by metallic top notes of Fear. At the bottom of the register there is an unctuous, sweet tone of Regret, perhaps of Longing, but the deadly weapon in this timeless nose dance is an almost imperceptible stab of Self. Described in the trade as terpenic, Self is sharp, piney and biting. Perfumers worth a sniff treat the volatile ingredient with great respect.
Overall, Smell of Goodbye is gutsy, promoting strong physical attraction mingled with deep confusion and heavy drinking. It is for all of this one of the least persistent scents, spending itself like a rocket and diminishing on one’s departure. Dab it behind your knees if you must but don’t say I didn’t warn you.
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