You’re gonna lift the handle and squeeze the trigger

There is a real and present danger at Anchovy and 25th Street, seat belts should be worn tight and low. Leotards, danceshoes, costumes, this is like a safety family place, though of course he’s asking himself that in Portuguese. The world is filled with air (that explains the victimology) he had a gun but what makes it scary is that that gun could go off. Do you have defensible space? We sue lawyers!

My wife and I were watching a show: it’s Tuesday. Patty! Lacey! Amanda! Joey, Magic, Buttercup, Truffles! no running or horseplay! Large tree topples over. OK, so I’m gonna tell you what you’re gonna do. I’m Abby Cornish. I’m Melissa Blach. You’re not gonna want your sunglasses in there, call now for a free reputation analysis. Virgin cactus jelly, not even a little Strawberry Daiquiri?? Now THAT is a bike trip.

To avoid the spreading panic for the first 5 days I would like hook the door like this, the consumer sentiment index. Our reporter did not get an answer when he knocked at the door today, it was like SO amazing. You know, the reason it doesn’t rain in the desert is because the plants don’t ASK for it, can I explore with you?

Welcome to Nevada, get even before you leave.

sent 26th July 2015