Do you get your mucking worms fuddled?

i have a wryter frend hoo incysts on speling wurds rong or willfolly youses alturnatyves witch effect the meening of a centance.  Moist of the thyme iym shore he dus it to ennui me, obleekly schouing a surten attenshun to de-tale.  it surtenly drawers attenshun to miy pedantree ‘and mayks mi wander if eye schud bee moor relapsed abowt it.

inn ova arrears ov miy lief iyam kwyetly anarkick, be-leaving thaht rools rub us off hour inhairant more-alleytea, rejuicing uss to hurdin beests.  Beter 2 teetch peepol to wreckogneise there owyn ant uth’ers limmets inna nun-juggedmental whey.  studdy caws annd effect.  Lissen moor, tawk Les.

sew. Wye issit diffrent hear on the paige?  wy du deeveeashuns smack of layziiness inn tipe annd creeaytif freedome ellswear?  Eyve no dowt thee teetchers in miy frends an’ famlee ar chouking on they’re kwils inn dispeleef at wot amownts to blasfemmy.  butt iss thys knot giust anuther whey ov mayking peaple feal illegible?  I meen inellijabel.  schitt.

wotevva. wiv thyss 1 its becaws eye no hour limmets andd no thett for me hii CUUD DOO BETTA.

PUT ANOTHER WAY:  I have a writer friend who insists on misspelling words or woefully uses alternatives which affect the meaning of a sentence.  Most of the time I’m sure he does it to annoy me, obliquely showing a certain attention to detail.  It certainly draws attention to my pedantry and makes me wonder if I should be more relaxed about it.

In other areas of my life I am quietly anarchic, believing that rules rob us of our inherent morality, reducing us to herding beasts.  Better to teach people to recognise their own and others’ limits in a non-judgemental way.  Study cause and effect.  Listen more, talk less.

So.  Why is it different here on the page?  Why do deviations smack of laziness in type and creative freedom elsewhere?  I’ve no doubt the teachers in my friends and family are choking on their quills in disbelief at what amounts to blasphemy.  But is this not just another way of making people feel illegible?  I mean ineligible.  Ah.

Whatever.  With this one it’s because I know our limits and know that for me he COULD DO BETTER.

(Unexpectedly still in Ulaanbaatar having been stung by a spelling bee, 14th August 2014)