Rules of the Road for Lone Female Bikers


1.     Keep goodbyes brief and PLEASE DON’T CRY.

2.     Don’t chew, suck, it’ll last longer.

3.     Be rigid in your flexibility.

4.     When going through long tunnels imagine that they are never going to end.  Observe the rising panic; know thine enemy.

5.     The only way to move forwards whilst looking back is in a rowing boat, you are on a motorbike, keep your eyes front.

6.     Expectations, like child stars, can be entertaining but often turn nasty.

7.     Learn to separate loneliness from melancholy.  If left together they will breed.

8.     The road is like a lover, if you get off it for too long it will feel strange when you get back on.

9.     Your smile is fantastic.

10. Never hurry but ride wild.  You are alive.